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The Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis is an interdisciplinary research and service facility dedicated to an understanding of the structure and composition of all materials at atomic, molecular, cellular and macromolecular scales .

Understanding materials, of biological or non-biological origin, arises from monitoring the interaction of electrons, X-rays, photons and ions with the solid. In addition, the Centre is committed to the design, development and maintenance of instrumentation which enhances our understanding of materials structure, composition and function.

 The Centre has capital assets in the form of materials characterisation instrumentation (eg. electron microscopes, light microscopes, X-ray diffraction equipment) and workshop facilities which are valued in excess of six million dollars. Currently, Centre staff includes 13 scientists/engineers with PhDs, ten post- graduate students either co-supervised or fully supervised by Centre staff and 18 technical and general staff.

 The Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis is a major resource for postgraduates as well as research and teaching staff at The University of Queensland and other Brisbane Universities. The Centre provides a focus for interdisciplinary research and teaching within the University and acts as a major drawcard for researchers from around the world. Access to the Centre can be either on a short or long term basis depending on the problem to be resolved. Clients can be trained to use the instruments themselves or can request assistance from highly trained Centre staff.

 The role of the Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis is to promote, support and initiate research and teaching in the applications of microscopy and microanalysis as well as to develop the discipline of microscopy and microanalysis itself. Within the University of Queensland, this brief requires involvement with the research and teaching program of three Groups: Biological Sciences, Health Sciences and Physical Sciences and Engineering. In addition, an important role for the Centre is to provide leadership, nationally and internationally, in the interdisciplinary area of microscopy and microanalysis.


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