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Everglades National Park was 50 Years Old on Dec. 6, 1997 
Learn more about this endangered national treasure and what you can do so help save it. 
Making the Year of the Tiger the "Year for the Tiger"
On the eve of the Chinese "Year of the Tiger," WWF is launching a new and comprehensive plan to save tigers in the wild. The plan is based on st ate-of-the-art technologies and is the most strategic global plan to date to save wild tigers...


Getty Prize Awarded: Harnessing Market Power to Protect The World's Forests 
The world watched in horror over the past several months as millions of acres of Indonesian and Brazilian rainforests went up in flames, fueled in large part by rampant deforestation. By promoting market-based answers to problems such as this, the Fores t Stewardship Council (FSC) recently earned the prestigious Getty Conservation Award...