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. . . . S T O N E H E N G E . . . . ....Gateway to the Realms....

Salutations again my friend....

Now that you have crossed through the gateway,
let the knowledge and power of this majestic place
course through your veins and transport you to the
wonderous realms in this everlasting universe....

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Stonehenge Information Page
and my
Stonehenge Sound Site

Foundations Laid:

6/30/1995 AD

STONEHENGE Last megalith added:

Lord, it never ends....

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Stonehenge, what were it's ancient uses....

Gateway to other interesting info about Easter Island, etc....

Shadow Fax, who is this keeper of Stonehenge....

Resume online....

Gateway to realms of high interest to Shadow Fax....

Gateway to helpful info & cool sites....

Gateway to a realm where sounds keep you company....

Gateway to alternate realms....

Gateway to the Stars....

Gateway to pages who have links to Stonehenge....


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Stonehenge has settled in the Earthlink.netPicture
realm of existence.... Visit its beauty....

Accessing the
Cyberspace Entity Traveller Logs

As of 11/12/95

Entities have entered the circle....

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