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Welcome to Wines and Food from France 


Welcome to the interactive version of our pocket-sized guide to French Wines and Foods. This site contains many special features that are not found in the print version, so make sure you don't miss any of the special, on-line, features. 

You may want to start your tour at Pairings, found within the Wine Guide. This feature will help you match popular wines with different meals. The Wine Guide also details interesting information about the various grapes and growing regions of France. 

Visit the Entertaining section for tips on selecting and serving the perfect foods and wines for any occasion. Interested in creating your own wine? Then don't miss the area where you can create and print your very own wine label! 

Having difficulty keep up on the best wines and Champagne? You will become a true connoisseur after visiting the Varieties area where we select some of our favorite brands. Pictures of the bottles along with pricing and serving selections will have you buying like a pro in no time. 

Moving on to the main course, Cuisine introduces you to some of the finest cheeses made in all of France. Again, pictures, pricing and serving recommendation will help you select the best cheese for an event. We have also included some outstanding cheese-based recipes that you don't want to miss. 

Within Lifestyle, test your pronunciation against the large library of audio files. You will see and hear common words translated into French right on-line. You will be speaking with a French accent in no time. 

So please, check out all our categories and learn more about your favorite wines and food from France! 

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