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" would rush upon its victims with the speed of a fire racing through dry or oily substances that happened to be placed within its reach."  
-Giovanni Boccaccio  
on the Black Death(mid-1300's)

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Welcome to "Anatomy of an Epidemic"

The purpose of this site is to educate any person interested in epidemics. Epidemics are diseases that affect many people at once. On this site are details about some of the worst epidemics throughout history as well as general information on diseases.

  What's on this site?

This site is divided into six main sections which are accessible through the toolbar at the top and the two special links to the glossary and disease discussion area. To get you started browsing here's a brief rundown of the sections:   

    Epidemics - Contains all of the information on this site collected together through links. The starting page contains general information about disease, and specific epidemics are located on the toolbar to the left. 

    Maps - Displays dynamic animations showing the spread of the epidemics covered on this site. 

    Quizzes - Tests your knowledge of disease and epidemics through interactive quizzes. 

    Disease discussion - Allows you to post your thoughts and/or questions about diseases in our discussion area. 

    Glossary - Contains a glossary of key words. 

    About - Contains our bibliography and group information

Help with this site

If you have questions or comments regarding this site, you can E-mail us at [email protected]

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