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As a spirit, I, Sal, am not very substantial to start. But next to the raw talent and twistedness of Dave McKean, you might call me a wisp. It is one of my most precious responsibilities to hand you, here, some of his ideas on the creation of Club SALSA TM.
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And Now, A Message from Your Club SALSA Drama Creator

Personally, I think a story involving Read Only chilies, encoded dance, schools of residual fish and mescal really only has one home, and that's on the net.

Telling stories on the net (or any of the variety of multimedia currently evolving) is a troublesome task. Actually, I think multimedia is not the place for linear narrative, but that's a different soapbox. At least with this biweekly updated story, the linear nature of the narrative is retained. There are a few choices for the viewer to make: which room to visit next, how the pieces of time fit together. But like all good stories, most of the interactivity takes place in your head. It's up to you to piece the jigsaw together.

sal The visuals are mostly surreal non-sequiturs, Mexican details, TV textures and characters out of imaginary Kahlo paintings pieced together on the Mac. I've been writing the outline and the scripts in the best Mexican Restaurant in Canterbury, surrounded by nachos, margaritas, pads, pens, maps and timelines. They're used to me.

Anyway, look out for bad fruit, don't talk to strange strangers, and enjoy the dance.

Dave McKean, January 29, 1996.

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