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SITO  (map) 
SYNERGY Collaborations 
collaborative art projects 

a picture is worth a thousand pictures in this zoomy new collaborative art project. Fly the 8-stage rocket to bliss. 

IFREAK! impulse freak
a collaborative comic book starring the joyful Stip monkey 

HYGRID! hygrid
an ongoing branching hypergrid - winner of distinction at 1996 Prix Ars Electronica 

PANIC! panic
weekly image jazz with circumstancial images and few rules 

massive art collection 

fly headfirst into the cushy collection of photos, drawings, interactive files, pixel scribbles, sculptures, paintings and other wacked artings. over 300 artists, all are welcome 

specially crafted webshows 

Real Television 
Real Television offers an introspective look at how television affects us, how it represents people and situations, and how realistically it portrays the world around us as told through a series of interviews with television viewers... like you

My Dear Friends: Warm Blooded Aircraft 
Every so often, friends gather at my place for a round of gossip and snacks. Often they bring their own friends, who in turn extend the net of my contacts further yet. It is through such networking that I had once found myself in a rather quaint company. 

A festival of alienation by Andy Hill. This exhibit looks behind the mask to find nothing at all. Photomanipulation. 

Dream Paintings
(April 11, 1996) Dream-based oils by a talented young Nebraskan artist. 

Carol Geary's neatly lit neatodome. 

SITO would like to thank the following for their sponsorship and support: Silicon Graphics, Inc. for the computer that is SITO's server, Novia Internetworking for net connectivity, UNC's Sunsite for a solid mirror, and Prix Ars Electronica for the award in 1996.