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Welcome to Tumblers Tonight!

Hello, my name is Ken Depew. I'm an antique collector and glass enthusiast and want to share a few tumblers with you from my collection of more than 2,200. That's right -- 2,200. Perhaps I'm a bit obsessive. They seem to multiply like rabbits (or coat hangers), and they're all over the place!

The tumblers pictured here are a few of my favorites from a variety of categories, including the Mount Washington Glass Co., an area of particular current involvement. Some of my other interests are Bohemian and English glass; Northwood, Durand, and Riverside Glass Co.; opalescent, color-stained, opaque, custard, carnival, and colored pressed glass; sulphides; and engraved, etched, cut, and enamel decorated glass.

You can do some amazing things with glass (just like computers), and drinking vessels such as tumblers have always offered a wide range of types and styles for the collector. Contrary to Mae West, too much of the same thing, whether it's Tiffany or depression glass, can be boring. To me, tumblers provide never-ending variety and interest.

I've selected a few pieces from the collection to spotlight. And, there's a glossary of terms you're sure to find useful. For those who love a challenge, have fun with a five-question quiz. And, in the spirit of the Web, there are connections to resources both on- and off-line.

So, welcome to TUMBLERS TONIGHT. By the way, I'm not a computer whiz, so if you want to find out about my friend and computer guru Gary, who brought these tumblers to the screen, he's here, too, along with some other things that may be of interest.

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