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Welcome to The Postcard Page!


The Postcard FAQ
This is the official site of the Postcard FAQ!
Postcard Lists and stuff
Includes The Birthday List and information about both The Birthday List and The Trading List.
Postcard Links
Links and information to/about other postcard-related sites and resources.
Postcard People
A list of links to homepages of other postcarders.
The Inquiring Collector - An initiative by Paul Engelberg
Swiss Federal Railways Re 460 series locomotive
A 10 piece postcard series issued by the Swiss Federal Railways in cooperation with the Swiss Transport Museum

Important message to postcard-list subscribers!

I seem to have lost my subscription to the postcard mailing list for some technical reasons. I have tried to resubscribe several times - without success. So if there is something you think I should know, please send me a personal email or use the feedback form.

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