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Saint Etienne
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[ECHO CAFE]- Anthony Bailey's site, which contains the web based discography as well as song lyrics
[MLANGLEY]- Lots'o'Links at this one.
[POLL]- St Etienne Poll. Pick your favourite songs!
[SAMPLE & LOOP ORIGINS]- Charles Ross' site, which attempts to track down the origins of all those samples that the band love to use in their songs
[MAILING LIST]- The mailing list. Over 150 fans of the band from all over the world who keep in touch and chat about life.
[QUIZ]- A great Saint Etienne quiz! Can you reach the top 20?
[PHARTIKA]- Another Saint Etienne Web page. It's got stuff on it.
[Fanclub]- Join the Official Saint Etienne fanclub!
[INTERVIEW]- This site contains among other things, a transcribed interview with St Etienne.
[EMAIL US]- Mail us if you would like to chat, or if you have any questions or comments about this site.

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