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 Directory of My Goodies…
a lot of them courtesy of Paul Rademacher's EXCELLENT RHPS Walkthrough site. 

Rocky Horror Sounds
All in .AU format
a-fan 30.8Kb  a-light 64.7Kb anticipation 54.8Kb
blue-skies 60.2Kb  century 128.6Kb cheap-little-punk 28.5Kb
cheaplif 23.0Kb  commercial 155.9Kb damoclese 106.1Kb
darkness-must-go 97.0Kb  entertain 54.4Kb faceache 43.4Kb
favorite-obsession 30.6Kb get-a-grip 38.0Kb  give-yourself-over 57.3Kb 
going-home 68.2Kb  goodbye 30.0Kb  great-scott 10.7Kb 
handhips 8.9Kb  hell-of-a-lover 67.2Kb  help-me-mommy 66.8Kb 
hey-janet 32.5Kb  hey-scotty 17.8Kb  hot-patootie 43.0Kb 
illusion 55.7Kb  its-all-over 53.7Kb  jump-to-the-left 13.8Kb 
lucky 64.5Kb  my-my-my 39.2Kb  not-for-you 19.3Kb 
noteasy 111.5Kb  notworry 22.3Kb  oh-rocky-1 12.2Kb 
oh-rocky-2 13.8Kb  pleasure 22.7Kb  released 74.9Kb 
rich-weirdos 39.9Kb  riff_wet 49.1Kb  sci-fi-intro 92.6Kb 
science-fiction 83.0Kb  shiver 106.5Kb  steam 68.9Kb 
sweet-transvestite 102.8Kb  symptom 75.8Kb  tatoos 19.1Kb 
tell-us-about-it 18.1Kb  time-warp 38.2Kb  touch-me 21.8Kb 
Rocky Horror Images
Most in .JPG, a few in .GIF
eddie 32.0Kb  frank-smoking 28.0Kb frank 28.0Kb
lipgif 14.0Kb riff-on-throne 26.4Kb riff 26.4Kb
rifmag 31.6Kb  rocky 2.6Kb sweet_t2 31.9Kb
3-church 14.7Kb  3some 26.4Kb anticip 6.4Kb
b-j-tw 10.9Kb  black-flowers 15.6Kb brad-bedroom 8.6Kb
brad-statue 13.5Kb  capeless 10.8Kb cheap-little-punk 12.7Kb
columbia-statue 11.0Kb  creature-of-the-night 9.6Kb denton-affair 11.4Kb
did-they-do-this 10.3Kb  didnt-like-his-teddy 12.1Kb dont-dream-it-1 12.5Kb
dont-dream-it-2 8.3Kb  dr-scott-statue 12.8Kb eddie-corpse 15.1Kb
elbow-sex 16.4Kb  empty-house 11.9Kb enter-at-own-risk 14.3Kb
enter-at-own-risksign 21.7Kb  explain 7.3Kb family 10.4Kb
floor-show-1 14.0Kb  floor-show-brad-1 13.5Kb floor-show-brad-2 10.1Kb
floor-show-columbia 17.2Kb  floor-show-janet-1 14.0Kb floor-show-janet-2 11.3Kb
floor-show-rocky 18.3Kb  floorsw1 8.3Kb flying-house 9.4Kb
fnfclose 7.4Kb fnfcoma 8.3Kb for-the-thrills 11.0Kb
give-yourself-over 10.8Kb globe-end 5.8Kb head-used-to-swim 13.1Kb
i-got-it 9.9Kb i-remember 11.4Kb i-will-entertain 10.9Kb
i-would-like 12.6Kb ifonly 7.2Kb im-going-home-1 8.5Kb
im-going-home-2 11.1Kb im-going-home-3 8.4Kb its-all-over 9.7Kb
janet-bedroom 8.3Kb janet-statue 12.8Kb janet-thinking 10.0Kb
jump-to-the-left 12.9Kb jw-inbra 8.9Kb kiss 11.1Kb
lost-in-space 11.5Kb madness 11.6Kb mag-mop 7.9Kb
main-attraction 11.4Kb morphia 7.9Kb no-real-muscle 13.0Kb
on-the-day 10.0Kb one-thing-to-say 12.4Kb out-of-my-head 15.5Kb
pickup-truck 16.2Kb pool 13.7Kb r-m-mon 10.4Kb
riffbite 9.0Kb riffcand 7.9Kb rocky-sleeping 10.3Kb
rocky-statue 12.1Kb shining-star 9.9Kb skillful-way 12.4Kb
space 6.1Kb tell-us-about-it 12.6Kb the-darkness 8.6Kb
the-horse 14.2Kb the-rain 8.6Kb theres-a-light 9.3Kb
they-never-liked-me 13.8Kb time-warp-1 18.5Kb time-warp-2 13.6Kb
time-warp-3 15.4Kb time-warp-4 17.6Kb tonite 9.2Kb
touch-me 12.6Kb transylvanians 14.4Kb up-now 12.0Kb
voyeauristic 11.3Kb we-meet-at-last 13.9Kb whip-him 13.1Kb
white-flowers 17.2Kb woe-is-me 11.9Kb you-better-go-now 15.3Kb
zen-room 18.0Kb

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