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Child Narcs 
A few weeks ago 17-year-old Chad MacDonald and his girlfriend drove to a Norwalk drug house. MacDonald was allegedly trying to set up a drug buy that would be big enough to persuade the Brea police department - for whom he was working as an informant - to forgive his arrest for methamphetamine possession. What happened was that his girlfriend was raped and shot in the face (but survived), and MacDonald was tortured and strangled to death. Brea police say that while MacDonald did wear a wire while making 3 previous drug buys that all led to arrests, he was not working for them when he went to the house in Norwalk. This raises the question, however, of whether or not police should use minors in this way. 
Should police be allowed to use minors to make drug buys?
Yes 32%  
No 68%  

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