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Flirting With Disaster along with AudioNet presents North America's newest radio format, Reality Radio. It's no-holds-barred radio, and we guarantee it will become the most controversial forum in the emergency services. 

The show is hosted by firefighter/filmakers Amy Steelman and Lou Angeli, the Emmy Award winning team that is known in the emergency services as "Flirting With Disaster." They take listeners beyond the yellow tape, inside the fire and onto the disaster ground to provide a glimpse of fire, rescue, EMS, and Law Enforcement rarely seen by the general public. 

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Listen to Archived Shows:

Program #1 (November 1, 1997)
Amy and Lou examine the problems encountered by Paris Fire and EMS during the accident at the Ponte d'Alma Tunnel. Also featured, "Scoop and Go" and audio ride-along with Miami Rescue-9, and "Inside The Fire" with St. Louis Fire Department Squad-2. 

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Program #2 (November 12, 1997)
A controversial look at the increasing number of Firefighter Line-of-Duty deaths entitled "We're No Heroes." Also, an important update on HB 2369, "The Scanning Controversy" which is intended to outlaw the monitoring of emergency signals. 
RealAudio 14.4 

Flirting With Disaster Inc. 
AudioNet is proud to present the hottest TV show on the Web, Beyond the Yellow Tape ®. Firefighter/film makers Amy Steelman and Lou Angeli take you behind police and fire lines where the real action is. Their name says it all, Flirting With Disaster. Crawling down hallways with hoseteams, Angeli and Steelman take their Betacam where other photographers fear to go - down the throat of the dragon and onto the disaster scene. If you like COPS® you'll love Beyond the Yellow Tape®. 
Their name says it all -- Flirting With Disaster 

To order any of the five episoded, including the world's only Fire, Police, EMS Blooper reel, just click here! 

Flirting With Disaster Inc.
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Coming Soon:
Dallas, TX ?

Coming soon?? The ScannerShow: Ever heard a radio talk show devoted to scanning? is proud to announce a groundbreaking program, The ScannerShow, a weekly, live, interactive talk-radio show devoted to scanning. Finally, you and fellow ScannerHeads will get to share your scanning experiences and it will be totally uncensored. Keep bookmarked for more details! 

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What You Need For This Programming: 
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  • A Sound Card With Speakers (or Headphones) 
  • A 14.4Kbps Internet Connection (28.8Kbps For Video Content) 
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The following programming is a re-transmission of police radio and was not created in whole or in part by AudioNet. AudioNet is not responsible for the content thereof and makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, with regard to the accuracy or inaccuracy of any of the material contained therein. 
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