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Week of April 13, 1998 
Supplement Snake Oil Part 2
Read our stories and know... 
You are not alone!

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Alcoholism creates
lonely people.

People who think they have no where to turn ... people who think they are the only ones who have this problem ... they aren't the alcoholics. No, it's us - the friends and family. You are not alone as you will soon read...  

From The Editor's Desk...
A weekly column of  information, news, and fun! Don't forget to ask for a weekly e-mail reminding you when the new column is posted. Visiting for the first time? See our archived columns.  
In Our Words
Know that you are not alone in the struggle against alcoholism. Both the alcoholic and the friends and family suffer equally from this disease. These are our stories about pain, suffering, and feeling helpless - in our words.  
Discussion Area
Do you have a question or comment about alcoholism? Would you like to help others with their questions about alcoholism? Would you like to exchange e-mail addresses with others? Post your message in the alcoholism discussion area.  
Chat Rooms
Another Empty Bottle has its own chat rooms.  We also list other rooms on the Internet for the friends and family, including  regular Al-Anon meetings.  
Anonymous Guestbook
Sign our anonymous guestbook or read some of the touching current comments about alcoholism or comments from the guestbook archives about alcoholism.
But knowledge will
set you free...

... and knowing about alcoholism can help you understand what is going on with the alcoholic in your life. Our information areas are great places to begin. With all the links offsite don't forget to bookmark this site before you start exploring the vast expanses of the web. 

Have You Got Questions?
Everyone has questions about alcoholism and some of them are asked over and over again. See if your question is in our frequently asked questions. 
About The Disease
Extensive information on alcoholism. There are resources to alcoholism tests, effects, drunk driving and much more!  
Help Groups and Hotlines
Help is available today. Your peace of mind could be a phone call away. This site has compiled a large list of alcoholism, depression, domestic abuse help groups and a variety of toll-free hotlines you can use to get help right away for your problems.  
Just For Kids
Kids - Is there something wrong in your Daddy needs helpfamily? Does your family have a secret you're not supposed to tell anyone? Here is another secret - there are a lot of kids just like you and me.  
Related Links
Visit web sites hand picked to be packed with information on alcoholism, family, self-help, general health, depression, domestic violence and more.
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