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Welcome to the Tour! 
It's easy and fun to learn how to use the online version of the Virtual Bar. In no time at all you will be searching for drink recipes, mixing drinks, listening to music and learning about all kinds of weird stuff. This site is useful because it gives you the ability to search Corky's 3,100+ and growing drink database in a variety of ways. The most popular way to search is the Alphabetic Listing. It is frame enhanced and is considered to be the power users page. All search methods can be performed from this page. If you want more power this is where you want to be! 

In addition to the alpha listing, there are several other ways to search Corky's database. You can perform a Query Search (search by name or string), a Bar Stock Search (search by ingredients you have on hand), a Drink-Type Search (search by category, like shots), a By Ingredient Search (search by particular ingredient) or Corky can dish you up a Random Drink, or two, or ten, or 100. The graphic tabs at the top of every screen allow you to access the different search engines. No more fumbling through recipe books, downloading web page after web page of useless data or scanning through a huge drink list, Corky can help you find drinks quickly and easily. 

But there's more to the Virtual Bar than drink recipes. . . 

After you've found a great recipe, you might find Corky's Jukebox to be a nice diversion. You can listen to a variety of musical styles while you surf, mix or consume. 

Just because you're in a virtual bar doesn't mean you can't enjoy some of your favorite bar games. You can goof off in the game room or challenge your friends to a drinking game. There is a bunch of information about liquor.  You can learn useful bar tips and secrets, find out what glasses, utensils and ingredients you need to create the ultimate home bar. 

Hi, I'm Corky! I will be your tour guide through the Virtual Bar. I'd like you to meet my friends. ENJOY! 

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