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Welcome to The Roberto Baggio Web-Site! WOW! We just can't believe the number of visitors we've had here at The Roberto 
Baggio Web-Site! Because of YOU, we have 
averaged almost 4000 hits 
a month! Thank you to 
each and every one of 
you! If you are a 
returning visitor, 
we want to let 
you know that 
we appreciate 
the fact that 
you have made 
us the #1 
Roberto Baggio 
site on the NET! 
If this is your first 
visit to our site we 
hope you enjoy your 
visit. We have been 
working very hard to keep this site fresh and unique and we hope that you will take some time look around. This site is filled with "Exclusive" pictures that you won't find anywhere else on the Net! Please take some time to sign our guestbook. Vistors to this site enjoy reading your comments and we know that Robi enjoys them as well! We hope to see you back soon!

We are currently in the middle of a major redesign of our site and we hope that you will enjoy our new format. We plan to provide more of our "Exclusive Pictures" , all thumbnailed for easy selection, and to have a "NEW" feature called "The picture of the Week". In addtion we are planning to provide another "NEW" area called "Vince's Photo Album" which will feature pictures of Vince with Robi and others. 

We want to let you know that we appreciate your patronage and that we look forward to hearing your comments about our site. Is there something that you would like to see changed? Is there something that you would like to see added? Let us know! Take care and we hope that you will look forward to seeing our new changes! 

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