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April 1998 April 1998
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  • PLAY BALL: The 1998 major league baseball season is ready to start. Check out our cool lineup of teams, stars, and fun stuff to watch.
  • ROCKIN' ROCKIE: Outfielder Larry Walker of the Colorado Rockies is a zany, fun-loving guy. He is also the 1997 National League MVP.
  • FUNNY PHOTO: Check out your captions for this month's Funny Photo!
  • MYSTERY ATHLETE: This month's Mystery Athlete flies across the ice. Can you figure out who he is?
  • GOOD SPORTS: Teemu Selanne is a mighty goal scorer with a mighty big heart for kids!
  • WHAT DO YOU THINK?: Should a losing team be allowed to play in the playoffs?

  • Here are some more cool stories you can find in this month's issue! 

  • 10 QUESTIONS FOR PETER FORSBERG: Meet the NHL's best all-around player.
  • WE'RE HISTORY: Athletes tell us which historical figure they would like to be.
  • SHOWTIME II: Hollywood stars love to come out and watch the NBA's hottest attraction: the Los Angeles Lakers.
  • BREAKAWAY: Forward Karen Bye of the U.S. women's hockey team grew up skating against boys. Now she has an Olympic gold medal!
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