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It has been a generation since the Quake of '98, when, in the blink of an eye, most of Old Tokyo was reduced to smoldering rubble. Out of the wreckage, a new, shining jewel � NeoTokyo � emerged like a Phoenix from the ashes, rising as the New World's center of commerce and technology.

All that is past. It is now the year 2015, and NeoTokyo is in danger once again. The name of Maxwell Giger, the ruthless leader of the international crime syndicate known as Nemesys, is being whispered fearfully from every neighborhood.

Alarmed at the growing corruption and ineffectiveness inspired by Giger within the city's police department, Governor Koyo created a secret airborne strike force known only as The HELICOPS. Commander Iemitsu Kabutogani, a decorated veteran of the NeoTokyo police, was the only one the mayor could trust to lead the special force.

This undercover unit was assembled from unconventional sources, from law enforcement to high technology, preparing for the day when Giger would reveal himself. That day came all too soon. Before the HELICOPS even had a chance to fly their first mission, Governor Koyo was brutally assassinated in a cowardly car bombing, leaving NeoTokyo in a state of shock and Maxwell Giger more feared and more powerful than ever.

The Governor's death was only the beginning. The city is on the brink of collapse, and Maxwell Giger has released a "wolf pack" of his most sinister allies to fan the flames of terror and confusion among the citizens of NeoTokyo.

The HELICOPS are the only hope to free NeoTokyo from the iron grip of Nemesys.

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