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'If you can dream it, you can do it!'
Be anyone, do anything, or find out almost anything. You can make great friends, join some cool clubs, play games, do your school homework, just hang out in the mall or do a LOT of other cool stuff! You can cruise on in for a visit, or stay around and help out. Every journey into the WKN Galaxy is a unique experience and you are at the controls! Come on in and see for yourself. 

World Kids Network - Sister Wiggly 

The newest place for all of you WKN'ers to check out is the Marsupial Museum
If you have been trying to figure out the story of WKN, then this is the place to go. You can read about almost every character in WKN and learn where they came from and who they are. It's cool! Then be sure to go on over to the Channel of Wormholes and claim one in your name while you are there. 

The Site Overview is one of the quickest ways to get a glimpse of some of the many things you will find on World Kids Networktm. The World Kids Networktm is a HUGE project, currently taking up over 850MB of space on our server. Parents and teachers can give children free run of World Kids Networktm, and feel assured that they are in a safe, fun place with tons of new things explore!

 There are many, many things to do in WKN. One of the first stops you should make is to the Tour Guides. The Tour Guides will help you navigate the World Kids Networktm site. There are many other ways to navigate through WKN. Read the tips for more ideas.

 Click here, or on the symbol at the top of this page, to go to the Map, and continue your adventure. Enjoy!


World Kids Network - Brother Wiggly 

WKN has some of the coolest clubs run by kids on the Net. If you love Star Trek then you should head on over to the United Federation of Kids. If you are more into planet earth be sure to visit the Clean and Green Club. Another really great club is the Teenage Computer Network or if you are new to WKN you may want to check out the Space Kids Handbook or sign up for your own WKN Membership Card. The Membership Card will give you access to some of our special features. I hope you enjoy your visit today! 

World Kids Networktm is a non-profit organization dedicated to children worldwide. This entire site has been put together completely through the volunteer efforts of children and adults worldwide. Almost 80% of this award winning site is put together and/or run by children! Virtually all of the images, text, programming and stories are original works contributed by volunteers, sponsors, and the kids themselves.

 To learn more about the World Kids Networktm and what we are all about, please read our Information page, Mission Statement and the FAQ. This site is a enormous project and your involvement is welcome and encouraged!


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