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You're on an archaeological expedition in the Egyptian desert.
A fierce sandstorm suddenly kicks up, blowing sand all about.

When the storm finally calms, you notice that an ancient tomb, buried
in sand for thousands of years, has been partially uncovered by the winds!

You discover that you are standing at the entrance of...

You shine your flashlight into the tomb, and are startled to see
three pairs of buggy little eyes peering back at you!

You're even more shocked to hear a squeaky little voice call out:

"Welcome to the Tomb of the Chihuahua Pharaohs!
Come on in and take a look around-- we've got
Egyptian clip art, links for kids, lesson plans for teachers, 
and we'll even show you how mummies were made!"

You hesitate. Is it safe to go in? Do they bite?

Smelling your fear, one of the other Chihuahua Pharaohs chimes in:

"Don't worry about a curse!  other people have been here,
and they're all still alive!"

The three Chihuahua Pharaohs seem harmless enough,
so you decide to enter the tomb!