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And you'll want to see everything, and keep checking in, cause this site is a happening spot. If you haven't guessed: Cereal's not just for breakfast anymore. (Was it ever?)

univ_icon.gifTake some courses at Nutrition University and learn how to eat right and be healthy.

Case the Kellogg's Cardshop TM to score some g-r-reat greetings. Kellogg's has cooked up these excellent e-cards to add some cyber-style to your posts.

Cruise the Kellogg's Clubhouse  TM with Snap! Crackle! Pop! TM to find online coloring books, create-your-own greeting cards and a cerealized history of the world.

Scope out Dig 'Em  TM and his cool digs at the Kellogg's Store TM and find some kickin' Kellogg's TM merchandise: T-shirts, hats, and arcade entertainment.

Or follow that scent to Cornelius TM and the Kellogg's Kitchens TM. He's serving up tasty snacks, a recipe search for the web weary, jamming Java games and some cooking tips to bake by.

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And if you get into a tailspin, and need a helping paw, remember: Tony TM knows.

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