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manon in circle ABOUT THIS GALLERY: For more than a half century, the Vargas Girl -- that voluptuous pinup -- has been the model for beauty in pulp, posters and magazine covers. But recreating the airy, translucent quality of an illustration in a photograph can be a decidedly ugly task -- or at least a labor of love. "We had a team of people who'd work eight to 10 hours with a model, putting on body paint, taping a negative of an outfit, propping her up on sandbags or bubble wrap or whatever it took to get them into the right position," explains photographer Timothy White who produced these stylized portraits in 1990-91 for Esquire magazine. Timothy White After one session was over, White attacked the pictures for 50 to 60 hours on his computer, playing surgeon. "We were going for the ultimate ideal, so I changed manicures, whitened teeth, added shadows, completely altered toes sometimes or cut off fingers... I was trying to make perfection." A foot might come from one picture, a hand from another. If the method recalls Frankenstein, the results appear seamless. But would New York-based White, 41, consider taking on the assignment again? "It was the sort of job you dream about," he says, but "I'm glad it's over because it was a lot of work."
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