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for all those blithering idiots who are looking for spice girl sites, you've managed to do that quite successfully.  although, the same blithering idiots may not have realised that this is dedicated to the eradication of the spice girls and their evil influence on the world as we know it.  if you're going to be mortally offended by it, go play your "wannabe" single or something.

people have been enlightened since 21/1/97

"look at us!" screamed the spice girls.  "we're young, vibrant, full of energy, sexy and everyone loves us!!" to the people who are buying their singles/albums could you please stop? the world is falling apart as it is, don't contribute to it. now honestly, do you call the above photo attractive!!??
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The Group
Mel B
Mel C
Are you a spice girl freak? quiz
36 reasons to hate the spice girls
The Spiceworld Movie page
Wannabe - With additions 
Say You'll Be There - With additions 
Ramblings of their fans
What's a ziggazigahh?
A good review of the spice girls
More articles on the spice girls
About this site
So you've finished with this site..

i've had heaps of mail asking me for the "slap the spice girl" page. and i found it! go to slap the spice girls! mind you, you're going to need a shockwave-enabled browser and a suitable plug-in to play this game.