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T h e   b a n d   m e m b e r s
Layne Staley: vocals, guitar
Mike McCready: Electric and acoustic guitars
John Baker Saunders: electric bass
Barrett Martin: drums, percussion, upright bass, cello, marimba, vibes
"This is a nice band. It's loose, but there's a lot of thought
put into it, too. And room to put in pure feeling and emotion."
Layne Staley
S p e c i a l   g u e s t s
Mark Lanegan: Vocals on "I'm Above" and "Long Gone Day"
Nalgas Sin Carne: Saxophone on "Long Gone Day"
T h e   M u s i c


Columbia - CK 67057 - 1995
Produced by: Mad Season and Brett Eliason
Lyrics & info
So far, Above is the only record released by Mad Season
n e w   m a d   s e a s o n   ?
Mike McCready of Pearl Jam has completed the music for the upcoming Mad Season
album, but the word has it that Layne Staley and Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees lead man)
are out of the project. Due to a dramatic change in the supergroup's lineup, the band may undergo
a name change under completion of the rumoured double album with new personnel.
 One disc was rumoured to have Layne on vocals while the second
one would have featured Mark Lanegan of Screaming Trees fame.
 However, Mike recently spoke with Barett Martin and Mark Lanegan and
confirmed that the Mad Season project as we know it is now defunct. 97.03.30
  UPDATE: After Layne Staley and Mark Lanegan's departure of Mad Season,
Brian Wood (brother of Andrew Wood) is rumoured to be the new singer for
Mike McCready's project. Brian has been in Hater and Devilhead before. 97.05.03
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T h e   b e g i n n i n g

The group began when Pearl Jam's guitarist Mike McCready set up some informal jam sessions for himself and two friends: Screaming Trees drummer Barrett Martin, and bassist John Baker Saunders of the Lamont Cranston blues band. McCready later gave Layne Staley, Alice In Chains' lead singer, a call and asked him to join in the fun. Layne arrived, with guitar in hand and a head-full of lyric ideas, and the new band's musical mix got even hotter.

 Mad Season's music is a powerful blend of blues and heavy rock, a potent combination of Staley's lyrics and the band's musical creations. Above, the band's first and only album to date, was realized in a whirlwind ten day recording session! It also features Mark Lanegan of Screaming Trees on two tracks as well as Nalgas Sin Carne on saxophone.


What does  mean?
Mad Season is an English term for the time of
the year when psilocybin mushrooms are in full bloom.

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