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New material announced!
4ad records has announced a March release of "Duality" a project between DCD's Lisa Gerrard and Pieter Bourke (formerly of Eden). A spring tour is planned to support the album, and later in 1998 Lisa and Pieter will join Brendan Perry to begin recording 
for the 10th DCD album. 
In the wake of adversity...
For sixteen years Dead Can Dance has made some of the most beautiful music ever recorded. In all their incarnations, gothic, medieval, world music, they have surprised and delighted. Here I will try to bring together unique content and resources for your benefit... 
I keep promising a miracle. 

To those who have been here before, you know of the great work in progress, Sanvean. A page to replace this ugly and shallow mess. 

Months have drifted by and a few concepts have gone stillborn and never seen the light of day. I wondered if I could ever give you a site worthy of the spell that DCD's music weaves upon us all. 

Then my heart was broken. 

And I realized that it was the emotion, the rapture of sorrow, or joy that made this music so precious. My god, it took only two hours, a pen and paper. There it was sketched out, the promise fulfilled. Out of anguish came inspiration, of longing and redemtion. Overly dramatic most likely, but that is what a living soul should be, n'est-ce pas? 

The coming days will see this dream wrapped in photons and electronic bits, and then you too will see. It will be something unlike anything else. A place of reflection and interpretation. A place for art. After all, isn't that the power of music? The art that pulls directly on our souls. 

In the meantime read Anne Rice's new novel Violin, it too is woven around the spell of music. And of course is infused with her wonderful ghostly charms and seductions. 

For now though, I'd love to hear what you think, and what DCD means to you. Please drop me a note. 

Jason Harris 
Meniscus Design | Portland Oregon 

[email protected] 

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A work in progress...
Meniscus Design | Portland Oregon