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The Smiths 1982-1987
A collection of lyrics (some with MIDI backgrounds) from every major album along with a complete discography.
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The Smiths...
"Is a very stray kind of name, very timeless. We chose it when most musicians hid behind complicated names. Then when you meet them you realize they're so boring. Some of them have never read a book"
Looking for the story behind The Smiths?
Who was in the band? Check The Line Up .
Looking for lyrics? (some include the MIDI version!!)
A list of bands who have done covers of Smiths songs
View the complete discography.
And although I don't have a place here dedicated specifically to Morrissey, I'd like to throw out my two cent opinion and say that the best song he ever released solo is "Girl Least Likely To".
Hands down
Now onward, to some "useful, or useless" information. (nothing here pertains to The Smiths or Morrissey)
Paint a Vulgar Picture
C'est moi...
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