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Trumpeter's Fanfare
 Welcome to Trumpeter's Fanfare, the premier source for pre college trumpet players. Here at Trumpeter's Fanfare we hope to provide you with all the information an emerging trumpet player needs to get off the ground. Beyond introductory players though, we hope to provide more advanced players with a chance to meet and exchange information amongst themselves. So browse through our sections, or run a search at the bottom of the page, and get a feeling for what we like to call, "The Trumpeter's Fanfare Experience."
The Woodshed  The Woodshed
The Woodshed is the place that all musicians have to go sometimes to practice their skills. Normally you're on your own in the woodshed, but in the Trumpeter's Fanfare woodshed we have a team of trumpeters who've been through it before, here to lend you a hand. 
Then There Was Trumpet  Then There Was Trumpet
Have you seen the light, and been thinking about getting a trumpet? Do you have a trumpet and are wondering how it works? Or better yet, what the difference is between a trumpet and a cornet? Our experts here will tell you all you ever wanted to know (and then some). 
History  History
Ok, so you're sitting there in the band room, and the teacher says, "Alright, let's take it from the top again," for the fifteenth time. Your cheeks ache, your diaphram is about to explode, and you think to yourself, "Who the heck ever came up with this stupid instrument!" Well, in steps The Trumpeter's Fanfare Team to fill in the blanks with our guided Real Audio tour through the history of the trumpet. Or if you can still function after that practice, you can guide the tour yourself. 
The Studio  The Studio
It's where the music happens. When all the blood, sweat, and tears have finally come together into something good, all the greats head for the studio. So come on in and hear some of the good stuff via Real Audio, and leave some of your own work for others to hear. 
Playing Around  Playing Around
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Give the trumpet a rest and share some jokes and stories with your fellow players and play a few of our games. C'mon you owe it to yourself, not to mention your parents, who deserve some peace and quiet once in a while! 
The Creators  The Creators
So maybe by now you're wondering who made this thing? Or maybe you want to send us a message about how foolish we are to put cornets in the same league as trumpets. Or maybe you've visited everything else in the site and just want more! Ok, so you just want to tell us how foolish we are. No problem, we don't get any other E-Mail anyway. 


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