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Almo Sounds

updated William Orbit site

The Hangover Square Freedom 4 Sound Archive


Parlophone Records
Parlophone - a flavour of the label
Blur, Radiohead, Pet Shop Boys and more...

Deconstruction records
featuring The Grid, M People, and Kylie...

Creation Records
with The Boo Radleys, Ruby, Heavy Stereo, and others.

Island Records
the B52s, Pulp, U2 - and the complete Island catalogue!

N-Gram Recordings
William Orbit's label, featuring Strange Cargo, Caroline Lavelle, Torch Song, and The Electric Chamber

Almo Sounds
featuring the Nilon Bombers, Rampage, and Rake's Progress

Perfecto Records
with BT, Paul Oakenfold, Perfecto Fluoro and others...

Fosters Ice

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Blues and Soul Magazine


Sounds Direct

HSQ Music Archive
The Hangover Square
Freedom 4 Sound

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