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Definition: Scooter ('skout-tah), sb. [f. SCOOT+ER]. A. 1825 FORBY Voc. E. Anglia s.v., "To run like scooter, i.e. very nimbly"


In the April issue of The Net Magazine The Motor Scooter Home Page was rated a "B" and was determined to be... "rich in content." This Motor Scooter Web Page was recently awarded 3 stars by The McKinley Group and is also featured at Yahoo and Best of Campus. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to make this web site a success!

Founded November 12, 1994.

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This home page has everything to do with quality motor scooters; the Vespa, Lambretta, Cushman, NSU, etc. It is intended to be a resource for scooterists everywhere. The Motor Scooter Home Page has the distinction of being the first web page on scooters.

About Scooters . . .

At first glance, scooters look like small motorcycles. However, scooters are not infant motorcycles. The scooter is a completely different two-wheeled culture that motorcyclists seldom notice. This unique culture took off 50 years ago when Enrico Piaggio sold his first Vespa.

Explore the world of fine and fancy motor scooters.

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