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Its an all new look, netscape 3.0'd and frames oh boy! Here's a look at what's up and coming at your favourite urban clothing store.

levi's 575 wide legs
a v a i l a b l e    s o o n

You asked for them, and we listened. Levi's 575 Wide Legs will be available SOON (end of November) in Stone Wash and Black Denim - only $54.99

on the catwalk
n e w    a r r i v a l s

Wondering what's new at Off The Wall? Jump online and see the shelves online! You can't buy online (yet), but you can have a preview of what to look for...

the jean-o-pedia
j e a n - e - t i c s

Now featuring frames and links to the manufacturer's homepages! So come on and have a look! Frames browsers please - frameless coming soon. version.

speaker's corner
o u r    g u e s t b o o k

Compliments? Suggestions? Complaints? We like hearing from you, so go on, step on up to our speaker's corner. Just click our logo! Or email us.

hard hat area
u n d e r    c o n s t r u c t i o n

Wear your hard hats! We're still building this place up. So watch where you're stepping as well...
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