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August 1, 1996



Gossip is as gossip does.

Hey! Heard any juicy LA strip club related gossip? E-mail me ASAP before it's not hot anymore. Stop watching those soap operas and talk shows and get your water cooler talk right here.

But remember why it's called gossip and rumors, and not news and facts.

Body Shop Bought and Closed
July 26, 1996

The owners of the Gentlemen's Club has bought and closed the Body Shop. They will be re-opening it soon but I don't know the gory details. The Body Shop has not been doing really well for some time. They'd better figure out a new venue or the great location is going to be wasted. At the minimum, they can force the dancers at the Gentlemen's Club to work there. That would be a good start.

Hawaii Theater Bought
July 24, 1996

GreyHare reports that Hawaii Theater in the city of Industry has been bought by the owners of Tropical Lei and dancers are being moved around.

Time's Up at The Bare
July 23, 1996

Dr. Moreau reports that the Bare Elegance can't stay open past 2am on Fridays and Saturdays anymore because of a city ordinance. This does not sound right to me and a dancer at the Jet told me that they did that to bring some business to the Jet (same owner). I don't know what the real reason is but they are definately closed at 2am.

Lap Price Changes
July 16, 1996

It may have been because of the busts, but Industrial and Bob's has lowered their lap prices to $20. Deja Vu has raised it from $15 to $20 (as did Rhino - Oxnard a while ago).

Nude Busts
July 13, 1996

Rumor has it that dancers at both Industrial and Deja Vu has been busted. The rumor from Industrial is that one of the dancers was stick shifting an undercover vice cop and he put the brakes on her. Dancers at Deja Vu were told to do no contact laps until things cool down. I told you it wasn't going to last forever.

Fight For Your Right to Go Clubbin'
June 17, 1996

Last week, all the big LA and San Diego strip club owners got together in one room to talk about and get ready to fight CA AB2579 which is pending in the senate (see my Rants). This meeting was organized by none other than John Weston's law firm which represents just about anybody and everybody that's big in the strip club and porno business.

At the top of the list of strip club owners: Deja Vu. Other LA clubs represented were: Bare, Jet, Valley Ball, Sahara chain, Spearmint Rhino chain, TJ's, Bob's Classy Lady, Sam's Hof Brau, Star Strip, Star Strip 2Seventh Veil, Crazy Girls and Fantasy Island, Paradise Showgirls, Sports Club, Captain Cream, and Sandraella's.

Clubs that are specifically not with John Weston's law firm are: The Gentlemen's Club, Sunset Strip, and Industrial Strip. Each of these clubs have a specific reason for not being with this law firm.

Tropical Lei Busted Again
May 29, 1996

A dancer at Tropical Lei was busted by a vice cop. They are always busted right before summer to cool things down before it gets really hot. This year was no exception. It will be cool for just a little while but will heat up fast. Just wait and see.

Cameras Roll at The Bare Elegance
May 16, 1996

Dr. Moreau reports:

The Bare Elegance was close during day last Tuesday (7 May) for filming a cable movie with Harvey Keitel. Also tonight at 10pm Channel 7 (I'm Witless News?) cameras will be poking their Polyphemus eyes around this "gentlemen's club" which will air on May 20. The management wanted all the girls working the night of the taping to wear evening gowns to make the place look more classy. So much for reality in a news program.

New Mr. J's is History?
May 8, 1996

The Admiral reports that the new Mr. J's got their liquor license revoked for 30 days for serving a minor and might be closing.

Mermaid Steps Away
May 7, 1996

Ljakab reports:

The rumor says that Mermaid in OC has to change it's dance policies back to the 6 inch distance or the will be shut down. Personally I think if they impose the 6" distance AND keep the $40/dance price it will be dead anyway.

Resurrection of Bailey's Twenty/20
May 6, 1996

The owner of Captain Creams is currently in escrow on a "fabulous location" in the West LA area. "Projections are that the purchase will be complete within 60 days. The city has already agreed to let the venue become topless."

I have gotten this from 2 sources now, so this is probably true. I'm not surprised about a good location, but amazing he found a location to be able to go topless so fast. Not an easy task in WLA. No doubt Mr. W had a big hand in this situation.

If he re-opens this clubs as 20/20, I'm sure many of the old customers will return and so will the dancers who made pretty good money there from the Century City agents and attorneys. This could spell trouble for Fantasy Island. The fantasy of being a hot club might be over for them.

Cream Over Sports Club
May 6, 1996

In related news, the owner of Captain Creams is taking over the Pasadena Sports Club for Gentlemen. The club will "under go some needed aesthetic and personnel changes and will be in the topless business within a very short time."

This is an interesting rumor (which has not been confirmed yet), because I was under the impression that the Sports Club lost their law suit against Pasadena to go topless. Somehow, their lawyers must have pulled a fast one over the city. If they go topless, I predict this club will be one of the hottest clubs in LA. That area has no clubs and is starved for that type of entertainment.

Bare Elegance Improves Environment
May 3, 1996

Dr. Moreau reports:

Well, they just finished landscaping the new parking lot annex (used to be a Chevron station and more recently a dirt lot on the corner of Imperial and Inglewood--rumor has it Chevron still owns the property and the BE has to lease the land from the oil giants-a case of gougers gouging a gouger, plus they had to pay for environmental cleanup which is why it just sat as a dirt lot for over a year).

TCFKA Cave Becomes Hollywood Cabaret
May 1, 1996

As of today, The Cave in Hollywood becomes known as Hollywood Cabaret. I will refer to it as TCFKA (the club formally known as) Cave. Upon a quick drive-by, they have cleaned up the joint but unfortunately, they were not able to move the building to a better location. I guess, once a cave, always a cave.

There is still no parking in that area and it's a little scary to walk too far. They still have movies and dancers like before but now they've added peep show booths. In case you're interested, they are at:

6315 Hollywood Blvd. near Vine Street.
(213) 465-3208
Sun - Thr: 12noon - 2am, Fri- Sat: 12noon- 4am
$8 cover

Legs Tries to Walk Again
May 1, 1996

According to the May Issue of Private Dancer, Legs in Wilmington is trying to re-open by pretending to be a union hall. Under California labor laws, they can periodically have "parties" which in this case will include nude dancers. The only question is, how often are they allowed to have these union meetings? "Hey honey. I've got another union meeting tonight!"

Tropical Lei Goes on the Information Highway
April 28, 1996

As more and more clubs get their own web site, Reader Samurai reports:

One of the dancers told me tonight that the TL has/will have it's own Web site. It will have pictures, as she was asked whether she wanted her picture on it (she was uncertain, as she has another job). I don't know the URL, so hopefully we'll here from an ASSCer soon.

7th Veil and Star Strip Runs Scared
April 25, 1996

My informants, I mean, reporters have told me that the 7th Veil has discontinued their lap dancing for now because of Vice scares. The Star Strip VIP room continues their shenanigans but no nude laps for the time being. You can still get topless laps with pretty good mileage and full song grinding but don't expect the crazy stuff anymore.

Fritz Does Contest Too
April 22, 1996

Everybody and his strip club is doing contests now. Reader Hot Toddy reports:

Beginning Monday April 22, Fritz That's It will be having a weekly "topless dance contest". Total prize money is $500 with first prize getting $250! Should add a little spice to the typical Fritz night.

Ecstasy Jacks Up Prices
April 18, 1996

Ecstasy Club has raised their "bed dance" prices from $40 to $50, making it the most expensive dance in Southern California (not including modeling studios). They now have their dances in a private room so much more goes on. Thus breaking the nasty factor thru the roof.

Personally, for $50 a pop, I want to be in a private room... in my house... with video cameras rolling.

Cheetah's in Hollywood Sold
April 16, 1996

Cheetah's has been sold to the ex-owner of Sunset Strip for an undisclosed amount. Sources say that the club was sold for a very low sum because the owner was not able to make payments to the landlord. The land that this club is on is still owned by the owner of the Star Strip who sold the club several months ago.

In related news, Cheetah's is now advertising in the LA Weekly with the large word "NEW" on it. The ad is a little vague regarding the dancers so it may not be topless. If you are interested, their phone number is (213) 660-6733 and they are located at 4600 Hollywood Blvd. near Vermont. Another lovely location for a club. I would suggest a Glock here.

The last time I was at this location, they were building the stage and it looked a little funky. However, I've been told that some of the more crazier dancers from Crazy Girls have moved there so any Rockers needing support from dancers might want to check this out.

Son of The Gentlemen's Club
April 14, 1996

According to sources close to Z Bone, one of the owners of The Gentlemen's Club is getting ready to open another club (possibly in the Valley). This owner owns Aftershock, which is a regular dance club advertised heavily on KIIS FM 102.7 radio. It has been rumored that he is not making money on this club and wants to do something about it. My source has seen the blueprints for the new club but does not know the exact location.

It will be very interesting to see if the other owner of The Gentlemen's Club will allow his brother to take employees and dancers from their joint owned club to the new club. If he allows this to happen, The Gentlemen's Club may suffer some damage.

Industrial Sucks More Money
April 12, 1996

Sources close to Industrial Strip have told Z Bone that they have taken on a new investor after nearly running out of cash. I hope this investor knows what he's getting into.

The competition in that area has become red hot since Deja Vu opened their doors in January. Industrial seems to have unlimited funds for advertising with up to 3 simultaneous billboards up which probably costs around $10k per billboard per month.

I don't know about the rest of you but I think they should spend a little less on advertising and a little more on their sign on their building which looks like it cost about $50.

Sunset Strip Sold to Russians
April 10, 1996

As of the end of March, Sunset Strip has been sold by the three owners to a group of Russians for an undisclosed amount. The two brothers that owned the original Aladdin club are now looking to buy or open a club in Vegas. Good luck.

So far, it doesn't look like much has changed at Sunset Strip except for some of the employees leaving with the owners. Unfortunately for the new owners, it's still in the same location.

Bare Owners Needs a Drink
April 5, 1996

The owners of Bare Elegance (Jet, Ball) are looking for another strip club to purchase which serves alcohol. If you have such a club in a good location and would like to sell it, contact them at their club. It's interesting that they want to buy one after selling Fun House recently. With all the competition near the Valley Ball, I'm sure that club is not doing very well so maybe it's time to trade in the old for new.

Star Strip Opens VIP Room
April 3, 1996

As of a this week or so, Star Strip has opened their VIP room. This room is in the back of the club to the left of the bathroom next to the exit door. The dancer has to tip the club $10 per dance but can charge whatever she likes. Most of the dancers are charging $30 but some are charging $50 per song. If you pick the right girl, you will get one hell of a dance in there. It's you and the dancer without anybody else.

Rhino Revs Down Contest
March 17, 1996

March 21, 1996 will be the last weekly dance contest for Spearmint Rhino. They have had progressively less contestants each week so they will now have it just once a month on a Tuesday. For a Z Bone's inside view of their contest, look at my Diary.

Star Strip VIP Room
March 16, 1996

It seems like everybody and his brother wants to open a VIP room. Star Strip is getting very close to opening theirs. It's located to the left of the women's restroom in the back of the club (right next to the back exit).

The laps there has been getting progressively nastier there. You can get full song grinds to completion with the right girl (not hard to find). I can only imagine what will go on in a private room for laps. If the floater doesn't go into the room with you, it's going to be a free-for-all.

The Gentlemen's Club Wannabe Contest
March 10, 1996

The owner of the Gentlemen's Club told me that he will be putting ads in the paper for a dance contest on Mondays to start in about 2-3 weeks. First prize will be $500 (like Industrial and Rhino), winner take all. There will be a grand final contest later on for $2000. Since they told me they would have a VIP room by now and I see no signs of it, I'm not holding my breath on this one. I'll believe it when I see it. And maybe not even then.

Billboards Galore
March 10, 1996

One of my readers reminded me about the Holiday and Miss Kitty's billboards along the 605 and also told me about a new one that the Sahara 3 has off the 60 freeway near Fullerton road. Full sized billboards in good locations are about $10k a month. Either business is good or the competition is really heating up. It's war baby.

Girls of the Internet
March 8, 1996

Tyler from the Gentlemen's Club told me that she is in a Playboy video called "Girls of the Internet". She plays a college law student who gets a wild hair up her butt and dances in the law library. Yeah. Happens all the time. I've been known to get up on the conference table during meetings and strut my bad ass. They don't call me Z Bone for nothin'.

I haven't seen it yet but I guess the girls really have nothing to do with the Internet.

New Bondage Ride At Jet Strip
February 26, 1996

Mr. X's partner in crime, Phil reports on the Jet Strip Bondage action:

There's a new attraction you should be aware of at the Jet Strip. I've checked the other web-sites and nobody seems to know about it yet: Bondage Dances. Yes, you heard me. Two of the table dance booths along the wall by the entrance have been