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By Alan Jacobs:
Birkenau 1996
Auschwitz Photos 1979-81

Plus the ABC/PBS show, "The Trial of Adolf Eichmann"

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  • The Wannsee Protocols, the historical notes from the meeting that planned the Holocaust.

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    Remember the Holocaust 
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    New Over 30 stories added last month: Remember (and locate) survivors and victims at the Holocaust Quilt

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    New! Read Pearls and Lace: Poetry by Magdalena Klein (1920-1946), the youngest child of a middle-class Jewish family in northwestern Romania. She was an eyewitness to the rise of fascism in Europe and the horrors of World War II. 

    Read How Dark the Heavens

    New! Read The Ghosts That Haunt Us 
    An in depth and moving survey of Jewish survivors of the Holocaust, The Ghosts That Haunt Us, features black and white portraits with the handwritten testament of their subjects in a manner that is both provocative and illuminating. 

  • Jacque Lipetz shares his story: "Looking back, this occupation was benign compared to the horrors of the Nazis, but what loss of freedom is benign? What security lies in not knowing if there will be a tomorrow."

  • Henry Cohen was the Director of Camp Foehrenwald, the second largest Jewish displaced persons center in the American Zone of Germany in 1946.

  • New! The Doctors of the Holocaust, part of Six Holocaust Essays (and links) by a class.

  • How Dark the Heavens, the complete survivor's story by Sidney Iwens, July 16th and 17th, 1941

  • The Cybrary's Holocaust Learning Links has expanded to 14 pages of links and keeps growing with Holocaust Claims Processing Office The NY State Banking Department has established the Holocaust Claims Processing Office. This office was authorized by Governor George Pataki to assist Holocaust survivors and their heirs seeking to claim assets held by Swiss banks and European insurance companies.

  • Liberation of Gunskirchen, Austria - May 4, 1945 

  • This pamphlet was produced by the US Army after they liberated a concentration camp in Austria called Gunskirchen Lager. The 71st arrived just days before VE day. Many graphic pictures included. Plus in the Imagine Student's Gallery: 
  • Introducing a new section, The Five Million Forgotten, about Non-Jewish Victims. An important and hopefully growing addition to the Cybrary.

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  • Six Holocaust Essays (and links) by a class on: 

  • The Doctors of the Holocaust
    Chiune Sugihara
    Oskar Schindler
    Raoul Wallenberg
    The Forgotten Holocaust
    Hitler's Henchmen
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  • Read our Holocaust Remembrance Chat featuring John Loftus, Gary Mokotoff on Children of Survivors, and Dr. Konnilyn Feig. 
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