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Jefferson Digital X-Ray Technology  RSNA 97 
Dr. Gary Schaber, MD at the Thomas Jeffereson University Hospital is expected to announce the results of new digital x-ray technology research during this week's meeting of the Radiological Society of North America in Chicago.
Source: The ScienceGuide 
If your not in Chicago, then you are missing the biggest Radiology convention in the U.S. The Department of Defense's Mobile Breast Care Center is there. Also this year, the RSNA Electronic Communications Committee sponsors a Filmless Radiology Reading Room
Revised Computer-Based Patient Record Published  Medicine Meets Virtual Reality: 6 
The Institute of Medicine has revised its previously issued book, The Computer-Based Patient Record; An Essential Technology for Health Care. It can be ppurchased, or read on-line.  The sixth meeting of this multi-speciality, interdisciplinary symposia will be held in San Diego, 28-31 January 1998. 
Telemedicine and Military Health Care  Military Telemedicine 
An overview of telemedicine's role in protecting and preserving the health and performance of the U.S. military.  Brief discussion of how military telemedicine will support force readiness, battlespace awareness, effective and the effective employment of medical forces. 

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