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     Heather Graham is the gorgeous and talented actress who you probably know from Boogie Nights as Rollergirl and Swingers as Lorraine. Though she had many roles in television shows like Twin Peaks, and in independent films like Shout and Drugstore Cowboy, I think Heather Graham is just beginning to achieve the level of recognition that she so deserves. From what I've seen of her performances, I think she really has a promising future in film, and I'm sure she will continue to impress audiences for a long time with her talent and audacity as an actress. Oh yeah, she's also really pretty.

      This Internet site is an independent, non-profit making resource provided by some of Heather's fans for Heather fans to share their appreciation of her work. Materials serving this purpose are acknowledged as Copyright (C) Heather Graham and/or other subsidiary agencies as indicated. However, some are used (necessarily) without permission. I'll do my best in posting the latest on Heather Graham, and contributions (pictures, links, articles, etc.) are always welcome. I hope you enjoy the site, and send me your comments and suggestions. In addition, please excuse the slowness of this Rutgers University-based site. 

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