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This is the first issue of "Flamenco World" (FEB 97).

We'll have interviews with the finest artists, news, dates of tours, etc... we are working on these pages every day.

Joaquín Cortés GIPSY PASSION bailaor (dancer)

His charisma, strenght, artistic style and personality are bringing flamenco to a new generation of people that had never listened to this music. Joaquín Cortés and many others new flamenco artists, are taking flamenco a step forward.

This dancer and choreographer was born in Spain (Córdoba) in 1969 and at the age of fourteen he joined the Spanish National Ballet, where he soon became a soloist. His career as an independent artist started in 1990. He likes mixing Spanish and contemporary dance. Joaquín Cortés has appeared in shows alongside stars such as Maya Plisetskaya, Julio Bocca, Arantxa Argüelles, Marie Claude Pietragalla... He had his first experience as an actor in the last movie by Pedro Almodovar "La flor de mi secreto"(1996) where he dances a choreography of his own to the music of Miles Davis.(this great jazz musician composed in 1960 the record "Sketches from Spain" under the influence of flamenco music and it was the first important attempt to combine jazz and flamenco).

The Joaquín Cortés Flamenco Ballet Company has been touring with great sucess during the last two years breaking the barriers of contemporary dance and music all around the world.

"Cortés is the current leader of flamenco fusion". NEWSWEEK
"He´s gifted like few dancers of his generation ".