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[Xena: Warrior Princess]

Surrounded by enemies, barbaric tribes, slave traders and a host of other evils, Xena is on a mission to help people free themselves from tyranny and injustice.

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Thursday, February 20; � Sci-Fi Channel
Story on "Hercules" and "Xena" including footage shot at the recent fan conventions is set to air on "Sci-Fi Buzz" at 7:00�pm and 11:00�pm (PST) with repeats on February�22 and Febraury�23.

[New] Announcing the official Hercules & Xena CD-ROM!! For all you Heroes and Amazons who just can't get enough of Hercules & Xena, take a look at the official Hercules & Xena CD-ROM: The Heroic Legends of Hercules & Xena from Software Sculptors. This definitive Hercules & Xena CD-ROM contains complete episode guides, mythical monsters, star backgrounds, never before seen bloopers, special effects wizards secrets, beautiful hard bodies, screensavers and more!!!

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By popular demand: The Joe LoDuca Profile! As the composer for Hercules and Xena, Joe answers your NetForum questions and provides the ultimate insider's perspective into the making of the incredible Herc and Xena music.


[Xena Scrolls]

The Xena Restoration Society has granted Universal Channel exclusive access to their ongoing research and translation of the mysterious ancient Greek writings known as the Xena Scrolls. XRS scientists hope to learn more about The Great Warrior Woman and how she was perceived by her contemporaries. We are now providing Internet access to the XRS scientists in the field, and up to the minute XRS correspondence is available to you right here on Universal Channel!

[New!] E-Pouch #6 has just arrived!

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Xena has her very own NetForum.
The Gods (and Xena fans) must be smiling.

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"Xena: Warrior Princess" is exclusively distributed in domestic syndication by MCA TV and internationally by MCA TV International

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