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In the spirirt of the Marx Brothers films, this page is presented to you in glorious black and white.

  Any resemblance betweeen these two characters and living persons is purely accidental


The Results!

Someone had a really good idea. They wanted to find out everyone's favorite Marx Brother and film. I intended to run this for a month, but my schedule forced it to two.

And the winners are:

Harpo! and Duck Soup!

Thanks to everyone who voted!

The Marx Brothers on the Internet:

!!!Groucho Sings!!!

Lydia, the Tatooed Lady, from At the Circus
Hello, I must be going, from Animal Crackers
And, at numerous requests, the lyrics to Lydia, the Tatooed Lady! (Please forgive my spellings of proper names. Please e-mail me any corrections you may have, and I'll try to fix it up.


Chico's Piano Routine, from Animal Crackers. (Rather long, but stay with it.)

Be warned!!! Lydia is 2.0 Megs in size!!! Chico is 1.2 Megs, and Hello, I must be going is half a Meg. Do not download these if you have a slow modem, or you will regret it!!

The wit of the Marx Brothers:

(A sound icon means that a sound file is available for the selection. Click on the icon to hear the sound.)

New!For the Holidays:

Sound file availableThe end of the contract, from A Night at the Opera. (from the Why a Duck page. Not my own wav file.)

Groucho's One Liners (from various films):
Sound file available Baravelli, you've got the brain of a four-year-old boy, and I'll bet he was glad to get rid of it.

Sound file available Well, I thought my razor was dull until I heard his speech. And that reminds me of a story that's so dirty, I'm ashamed to think of it myself.

Sound file available A severly irritated gentleman: Sir, you try my patience.
Groucho: I don't mind if I do. You must come over and try mine sometime.

Sound file available I think you've got something there. And I'll wait outside until you clean it up.

Groucho on love (from Duck Soup): Sound file available

Groucho on musical taste (from A Night at the Opera):

Chico on ethics (from Animal Crackers):

Three Cheers for Captain Spaulding! Three Cheers for Captain Spaulding!

Groucho on love (from A Night at the Opera):

Groucho to Margaret Dumont (from Duck Soup): Sound file available

Groucho's retorts to the trite (from Horsefeathers):

Chico's journey to America (from A Night at the Opera): Sound file available

That's a fine way to carry ice. Where are your tongs?

Groucho picking up women (from Monkey Business):

Groucho on love (from Duck Soup): Sound file available

Groucho on Chico (from the introduction to "Why a Duck?"):

Groucho on Harpo (from the introduction to "Why a Duck?"):

2beersSound file available
Groucho: Two beers, bartender.
Chico: I'll take two beers, too.

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Pictures and text are taken from the books "Why a Duck?" (1971) and "Hooray for Captain Spaulding!" (1974), both edited by Richard J. Anobile. .au files were taken from the World Wide Web. .wav sounds were sampled with my own equipment from the MCA Universal videotape releases of the Paramount Pictures Animal Crackers (1930) and Duck Soup (1933), and the MGM Picture A Night at the Opera (1935). The song, Lydia the Tatooed Lady, was sampled from the MGM Picture At the Circus (1939), as shown on Cinemax.

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