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"Jukurrpa" is a powerful word in many Central Australian Aboriginal languages. It means the Dreaming or Creation Law of Aboriginal culture and also the law that governs all aspects of people's relationship with the land and with each other.

Jukurrpa Artists Inc. represents 800 Warlpiri, Pitjantjatjara, Luritja, Anmatyerre, Arrernte and Pertame women, drawn together by their shared respect for the Jukurrpa and desire to depict their dreaming stories on canvas.

All art works are available for sale by contacting [email protected].

Overseas postage arranged.
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D. Napangardi Robinson
Father's Country
S. Napurrurla Butler
My Mother's Country
R.Napaljarri Jurra
Butterfly Jukurrpa
M.Napanangka Nelson
B. Nakamarra Dickson
N.Nampijinpa Daniels
S.Napurrurla Jones
Bush Banana
Bessie Liddle
Kunga Jukurrpa
H. Napaljarri Nelson
String Making
Kitty Miller
Women collecting food
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Jukurrpa Artist's Corporation - an Aboriginal owned and controlled co-operative.

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