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A Unique, Holistic Approach to Canine Mental Health

Welcome to our web site! We feel the need is urgent to alert as many people as possible to the Meisterfeld philosophy due to the vast number of trainers/behaviorists now marketing wrong and harmful information to dog owners. If you are concerned about the future of man's best friend, we trust you will find this web site most informative and enlightening.

This site contains information on:

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January/February/March 1997 article: Dog Bites, Parts 1-3

Be sure to check out the improved home study course, which includes two new video tapes:
"Rage Syndrome Study"
"The Unique Nature of Man's Best Friend: Rehabilitated Pitbulls"

Meisterfeld-approved behaviorists are located in California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, and New Zealand. E-mail us for a consultant near you.

A monthly newsletter is also available, "Applying the Philosophy of Meisterfeld's Psychological Dog Training" (ATP/MPDT). The yearly subscription is $15.00 for twelve issues. Send your request and check payable to Rhonda Camfield, RR#1 Box 133, Maroa, IL 61756.

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