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Welcome to the WhaleNet website. Focusing on whales and marine research, WhaleNet is dedicated to interdisciplinary education. Our Goal is to foster excitement about learning and the environment.
WhaleNet is a collaborative project of the biology departments at Wheelock and Simmons Colleges in Boston, Massachusetts with support from the National Science Foundation and technical assistance from MuseNet-- the Multi-user Science Education Network.
Click here for the WhaleNet Information Packet, providing directions and teaching activities needed to start participating in WhaleNet, and the WhaleNet Overview which gives a brief description of the program. The packet and overview can be either downloaded to your desktop or self forwarded via email.
WhaleNet has been selected for a number of Educational Resources Awards (with links).

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S.T.O.P. - Satellite Tagging Observation Program

This is a unique research project, monitoring the actual movements of whales, seals, and other marine organisms using satellite tag technology. Actual data on unique research is made available for educational purposes.

Metompkin (Is a Mother!!) Update!!

"I like to think that on 07/04(/96) Metompkin's burden fell away. Independence Day. She did make an appearance in the Bay of Fundy this past August and we were ecstatic to see that she'd lost the gear and was swimming free. Whatever the case, this young whale was pregnant during the whole ordeal because she is here with her first calf." -- Chris Slay, New England Aquarium, Right Whale Research
(More information in the EWS reports.)

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Can You Identify the Organism?(3/17/97)

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The New England Aquarium here in Boston is collaborating with our WhaleNet project. Plans to incorporate recent whale watch data from their Voyager vessel along with harbor water quality statistics into our new database program are being worked out. Also in the development stages are plans to transmit live microwave video images from underwater cameras on the Voyager into our WhaleNet server. More details on this technology will be emerging soon. Please click on the Aquarium's logo above to visit their web server. We know that you will find their available resources a great addition to your classroom projects!

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