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COWZ, New England's Premiere Cattle-Oriented BBS

"We are the Cattle Crossing on the Information Superhighway."

Welcome to COWZ!

We are Out Standing in our Field.

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You're currently connected to the COWZ WWW Site, and boy, you must be proud of yourself. This is the information hypertext thingy for COWZ, which is an Internet BBS running Waffle 1.65 and serving as an Internet Access Provider with a decidedly "post-modern" bent. Or, if you hate the term post-modern, use a term that would cause you to crave our services.

The Primary Purpose of this site is to serve as an Advertisement for the BBS.

The Secondary Purpose of this site is to serve as a Soft-Sell Advertisement for the BBS to suck in everyone who thought the first advertisement was too pushy.

We've been running pretty steadily since the spring of 1995, and have mucho happy customers who dig the whole cow-motif thing. If you haven't yet gotten the massive, lard-laden hint, we want you to become a customer too! You could become one of the thriving collection of fascinating projects we have going on here.

Of course, like every other World Wide Weenie (WWW) document, we have links to other places that we like a lot. This includes other related cow sites, and generally pleasant places.

COWZ recieves its Internet Access from Xensei Coporation. They're our little friends.

It's amazing how and where people hear about us.


Wow! That SUCKS!

It most certainly does. Basically, someone sent out a large amount of false magazine subscription ads and made [email protected] the return address. The whacky hijinx that ensued by an ever-vigilant and spam-hateful Internet Community are chronicled here.


In case you haven't clicked on the Cow icons at the top of the page, let us mention that COWZ has shell accounts for sale, at bargain rates. All our shell accounts are on

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