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Welcome to the BIRDER home page!

If you love wild birds and birdwatching then you are a BIRDER--and you just hit the motherlode!

This may soon become your favorite spot to visit on the "Web."

New photos, quizzes and bird songs appear almost daily! Rare bird alerts, scientific discoveries, checklists of birds . . . it is all here!

Which seeds will attract the most birds? I found a baby bird; what should I do now? Where can I go birding to see a Colima Warbler? Are there any magazines or clubs just for birders? We can show you the answer to these and thousands of other questions. Learn from each other, too. Each of the four main areas of BIRDER has its own Chat group.

If you are looking for talking parrots and caged birds, you are REALLY in the wrong place! Please visit PetBird.

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