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Friends of WSCI

Want to get WSCI back on the air in the Lowcountry? Here's how...

The Lowcountry's second largest newspaper, the Upwith Herald, is now online with sample articles, Events Calendar, Restaurant Guide, columns, and more.....
Eagle Communications
Providing the Lowcountry with Eagle Skywatch traffic services, radio broadcasting and satellite communications, and other information products including marketing services for WYBB 98 Rock FM, WSSX 95 Mix FM, WTMA 1250 AM Talk Radio, WSUY Sunny 100 FM, WTMZ 910 AM Talk Radio, WMGL Coast 101.7 FM, and WZJY FM, WXTC 97 FM, and WSSP Stardust 94.3 FM.
David Farrow's Charleston Tours videos can now be located and ordered online.
Porgy:A Gullah Version
This tape captures the world premiere of Porgy: A Gullah Version, performed in Charleston.
Produced by Pete Peters.
Lucas vs the Green Machine
This book chronicles the landmark Supreme Court property rights decision, by the man who won it against all odds and continues to fight for your property rights.
Health & Longevity Newsletter/Zine
LINX Newsletter
The best DECUS LUG information in the nation!
The Charleston Regional Business Journal is a monthly business newspaper serving Charleston and the surrounding coastal South Carolina region.
The International Primate Protection League has updated their Internet presence with more information, samples from the Newsletter, and other items.

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