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Spiro Agnew Spiro Agnew Dies at 77
Spiro T. Agnew (left), who resigned as Richard Nixon's vice president after being indicted on income tax evasion charges in 1973, died last night near his home in Ocean City, Md. The cause of death of the former Maryland governor was not disclosed. Read about him and give us your opinion on his place in U.S. history.

Frown While You Work
A new Norwegian study indicates that unhappy people do better work than their more cheerful counterparts. What about you?
Muslim Wins in Bosnia
Bosnia's Muslim president was elected chairman of the new postwar presidency, according to results released today.

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Washington WorldWhat's happening this week on the local music and club scene? What does our musical astrologer, Madam Shayla, recommend for your enjoyment this weekend? Find out in Local Music, a regular feature of our Washington World Section.
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The Washington area's economy took a downturn in July. The long-term outlook also took a slight turn for the worse, although a second-half recovery is possible. For more, see the Local Economy Watch, part of our Business Section.

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