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ATKOSoft and all its associates wish you Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year
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ATKOSoft was awarded from the European Commission the 1996 ITEA Prize for its a_medLine Software Suite
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Alpha med Line, 
Alpha med Line,(no frames)
the award-Winning Medical
Software Suite, with Multimedia
Health Record, remote access, Lan,
Wan, Satellite connections,
medical images, exams, CTs,MRIs
diagnoses and much more...
Distributors for a_med Line WANTED!
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Atkosoft is leading the European Telematics projects NIVEMES and RISE.Find out more about these large European IT Projects, the consortium etc.
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Click to visit the DEAF HISTORY page.. ATKOSoft is the main Technology Provider in the Deaf History EU Project
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Review of Statistical software developed by ATKOSoft for EUROSTAT and other statistical organisations. View our PARCOVI and COUTAVI software for advanced statistical analysis..
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