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Terror X Crew are one of the most known rap bands in Greece. They play
hardcore rap and they are simply the BEST at this category. Their style is furious.
Reading at their lyrics, you'll find out that they are speaking with anger for the things
that are wrong in Greece and they are not afraid to offend anyone or anything !
Terror X Crew are Artemis MC, Euthimis MC and of course their DJ,DJ ALX.
DJ ALX except from being an excellent DJ,he's also the video clip producer of
their video clip named "The Greek that you are used to"("Ο Έλληνας που έχεις
συνηθίσει") , but not only there. He's also the producer of the video clip "Set
Up Game"("Στημένο Παιχνίδι"), a song by FF.C.
History , Albums & Concerts
They became a group in 1992. At 1995 they published their first album which
had the same name with the band. Of course, people of the underground rap
stage knew them well from their concerts at AN club. If only you where there
to see for yourseld what happens at each of these concerts! Pure madness!
Anyway, back to their albums. Their first album contained 3 songs. After
publishing the album, they made 3 or 4 concerts till the end of 1996. At the
beginning of 1997 they returned with a pure explosive album named "I Polis
Ealo" which means "The city has been taken over". Their new album contains
10 new tracks, and the cd which the album comes with, has an interface
showing many videos from their live performances, photos and the lyrics
for almost all their songs...
In some live performances TXC made so far, DJ Sparky T and Smooth Mike
were two special guests invited to join Terror X Crew. DJ Sparky T with his
awesome scratching techniques and Smooth Mike joining his voice with the
voices of Artemis MC and Euthimis MC gave an excellent result!

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