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"Je veux peindre comme si aucun peintre n'avait peint avant moi."
("I would like to paint as if no painter had ever painted before me.") - Paul Cézanne

Thank you for visiting THE ELECTRIC GALLERY, the Premier Art Source on the Web since April, 1994.   We have searched worldwide to bring you this unique collection of artworks.   While some of these 200+ artists hang in prestigious galleries and museums and others are as yet relatively unknown, each helps us understand our world where art is one of the few things joining us together in a common understanding.


In addition to the Haitian Art Collection we present an international collection of Folk and Outsider Art with self-taught artists from Europe, the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean.


The Amazon Project features the young artists of the Usko-Ayar School, and the paintings of the Shaman Pablo Amaringo, both documenting the myths and traditional knowledge of the indigenous jungle people.   The paintings in our Jazz and Blues Wing capture the powerful and expressive feelings conveyed in these unique American music art forms.


View the paintings, etchings, and serigraphs in our new Monotype Collection and an experiment with three beautiful but distinct styles of still life painting in our Perspectives Wing.  See an eclectic collection of international artists in our Contemporary Art Wing and the wonderful Abstract Realism of Rolland Golden.


The Byzantium Wing presents icons crafted in the original Byzantine style and techniques by superb artists working to keep this tradition alive.   Our Southwest wing artists create hauntingly beautiful images of native American people and landscapes.  Masks, using authentic materials and styles, are new to this wing.


Tour these wings by selecting the images above.   Select the small image of any painting to see the full screen 16 million color image.   Read about purchasing online and about our 10-day free return policy.

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