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This is the Web version of Sing Sing Unplugged, a short film my brother and I made about our visit to New York State's electric chair. For this presentation, we've expanded our horizons to include the death penalty, serial killers, Howard Stern, Andy Warhol, lightning, electrocution, Stephen King, Metallica, electroshock therapy, and other related phenomena of our wired society.

View stills from the annotated film description of Sing Sing Unplugged. 
Get Shockwave and take a virtual reality video tour of NY State's Death House.
Hear an Interview with Charlie, designer of the Sing Sing electric chair. 
See a rare original photo of a live electrocution.
View the official autopsy photo of Ted Bundy after he was electrocuted. 
WARNING!!!! This is inappropriate for children.
Watch Richard Speck's secret prison video. Animated GIF file showing the Chicago nurse killer after he DIDN'T end up in the Illinois electric chair. WARNING!!!! This is inappropriate for children!

  Find detailed information about the history of the electric chair. 

Biology of Electrocution 
Women in the Electric Chair
Botched  and Wrongful Electrocutions
Other death penalty issues
Cops, Crimes, Prisons, and Serial Killers
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Other media coverage and miscellaneous attention 
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Photo Opportunities - Have your picture taken in an electric chair 

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Connections to Howard Stern, Andy Warhol , and Stephen King. Also books, movies, music, art, and electric chair humor.
Includes the gas chamber, lethal injection, hanging, firing squad, and guillotine. Also historical methods of execution and torture.
Electroshock therapy, getting struck by lightning, Kirlian Photography, spontaneous human combustion, cattle prods and worse. 
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