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travlangis proud to offer many on-line translating dictionaries! 
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German, Deutsch 
German <-> English Dictionary
Dutch -> German Dictionary   German -> Dutch Dictionary
French -> German Dictionary   German -> French Dictionary
Spanish -> German Dictionary   German -> Spanish Dictionary
Italian -> German Dictionary   German -> Italian Dictionary
Portuguese -> German Dictionary   German -> Portuguese Dictionary
Afrikaans -> German Dictionary   German -> Afrikaans Dictionary 
Latin -> German Dictionary   German -> Latin Dictionary 
Dutch, Nederlands 
English -> Dutch Dictionary   Dutch -> English Dictionary
German -> Dutch Dictionary   Dutch -> German Dictionary
French -> Dutch Dictionary   Dutch -> French Dictionary
Spanish -> Dutch Dictionary   Dutch -> Spanish Dictionary
Afrikaans -> Dutch Dictionary   Dutch -> Afrikaans Dictionary
Esperanto -> Dutch Dictionary   Dutch -> Esperanto Dictionary
French, Français
English -> French Dictionary   French -> English Dictionary
German -> French Dictionary   French -> German Dictionary
Dutch -> French Dictionary   French -> Dutch Dictionary
Spanish -> French Dictionary   French -> Spanish Dictionary
Italian -> French Dictionary   French -> Italian Dictionary
Esperanto -> French Dictionary   French -> Esperanto Dictionary
Spanish, Español 
English -> Spanish Dictionary   Spanish -> English Dictionary
German -> Spanish Dictionary   Spanish -> German Dictionary
French -> Spanish Dictionary   Spanish -> French Dictionary
Italian -> Spanish Dictionary   Spanish -> Italian Dictionary
Portuguese -> Spanish Dictionary   Spanish -> Portuguese Dictionary
Dutch -> Spanish Dictionary   Spanish -> Dutch Dictionary
Finnish -> Spanish Dictionary   Spanish -> Finnish Dictionary
Esperanto -> Spanish Dictionary   Spanish -> Esperanto Dictionary
Latin -> Spanish Dictionary   Spanish -> Latin Dictionary
Italian, Italiano
English -> Italian Dictionary   Italian -> English Dictionary
German -> Italian Dictionary   Italian -> German Dictionary
French -> Italian Dictionary   Italian -> French Dictionary
Spanish -> Italian Dictionary   Italian -> Spanish Dictionary
Portuguese -> Italian Dictionary   Italian -> Portuguese Dictionary
Portuguese, Português
English -> Portuguese Dictionary   Portuguese -> English Dictionary
Italian -> Portuguese Dictionary   Portuguese -> Italian Dictionary
German -> Portuguese Dictionary   Portuguese -> German Dictionary
Spanish -> Portuguese Dictionary   Portuguese -> Spanish Dictionary
Esperanto -> Portuguese Dictionary   Portuguese -> Esperanto Dictionary
Portuguese Dictionaries Quadrupled in Size Nov. 13, 1997!
Danish, Dansk
English -> Danish Dictionary   Danish -> English Dictionary
Finnish, suomi
English -> Finnish Dictionary   Finnish -> English Dictionary
Spanish -> Finnish Dictionary   Finnish -> Spanish Dictionary
English -> Afrikaans Dictionary   Afrikaans -> English Dictionary
German -> Afrikaans Dictionary   Afrikaans -> German Dictionary
Dutch -> Afrikaans Dictionary   Afrikaans -> Dutch Dictionary
Hungarian, Magyar
English -> Hungarian Dictionary   Hungarian -> English Dictionary
English -> Esperanto Dictionary   Esperanto -> English Dictionary
Dutch -> Esperanto Dictionary   Esperanto -> Dutch Dictionary
French -> Esperanto Dictionary   Esperanto -> French Dictionary
Spanish -> Esperanto Dictionary   Esperanto -> Spanish Dictionary
Portuguese -> Esperanto Dictionary   Esperanto -> Portuguese Dictionary
Latin, Latina
English -> Latin Dictionary   Latin -> English Dictionary
Spanish -> Latin Dictionary   Latin -> Spanish Dictionary
German -> Latin Dictionary   Latin -> German Dictionary

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