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Ferrari 333 SP CD-ROM

 A Close Look - the Ferrari 333 SP CD-ROM

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This CD-ROM is in an interactive multimedia format combining pictures, digital movies, fact sheets, and graphics to present the technology of the car, the teams, drivers and results from the first three years of the car. The CD covers the historic debut of the Ferrari 333 SP in 1994 through the 1996 season finale that occurred at Daytona.
Tracks of the World

Included on the Ferrari 333 SP CD-ROM

  • Over 150 screens of photographs and factsheets 
  • Nine digital QuickTime movies of the car on the track, during pit stops and in the paddocks 
  • The screaming Ferrari V-12 in stereo sound 
  • Profiles of the drivers that have driven the car 
  • Results from all races 1994 1996 
  • Overviews and highlights of the three primary teams 
  • Tribute to Enzo Ferrari and his racing record 

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